About Us

El Puerto de San Blas

Serving Best Mexican Seafood Nayarit Style since 2007

“Bringing a Nostalgia of Regional Nayarit Coastal flavors, to  The Indiana Community”

El Puerto de  San Blas is a magical place that transports you to the beaches of Nayarit, Mexico, thanks to the vision and dedication of the Banuelos family, who decided to share their culture and flavors with the city of Indianapolis. For 15 years, this restaurant has stood out for its delicious Nayarit-style seafood dishes and exceptional service that make customers feel at home.

Attention to detail is evident in every dish, from the fresh and delicious ceviches to the spectacularly presented Cucaracha Shrimp style. In addition, the atmosphere is cozy and the decoration transports the visitor to the beaches of San Blas. It is not surprising that families and friends choose El  Puerto as their favorite meeting place.

We're already Open!

We are thrilled to announce that El Puerto has expanded to a new location in Fort Wayne, IN! Our authentic Nayarit-style seafood dishes have become a favorite among foodies in Indianapolis, and we are excited to bring our culinary excellence to a new community.

At El Puerto, we pride ourselves on serving the freshest seafood in the most authentic way possible. Our menu is full of delicious options, from our signature ceviches to our mouth-watering shrimp dishes. We use only the highest-quality ingredients and prepare each dish with care, ensuring that our customers have an unforgettable dining experience.

Our new location in Fort Wayne features the same inviting atmosphere and exceptional service that our customers have come to expect. We can’t wait to share our passion for Nayarit-style seafood with a new audience and introduce more people to the magic of El Puerto.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer to our restaurant, we invite you to come and experience the flavors of Nayarit at our new location in Fort Wayne. We look forward to serving you soon!

Our Vision

Our vision at El Puerto de San Blas is to expand our reach across the Midwest of the United States, bringing the authentic flavors and nostalgia of  Nayarit to our Latin community. We want to create a dining experience that transports our customers to the shores of Mexico, where they can savor the tastes and aromas of the freshest seafood dishes. We believe that our commitment to quality and authenticity is what sets us apart, and we want to share this passion with as many people as possible. Our goal is to become a destination restaurant for anyone who loves seafood, whether they are lifelong fans of Nayarit-style cuisine or newcomers to the flavors of the coast. We will achieve this by expanding our menu to include even more of the dishes that our customers love, while continuing to use only the freshest and most authentic ingredients.  At the heart of our vision is a desire to create a sense of community around our restaurant. We want El Puerto de San Blas to be a place where families and friends can come together to share a meal, celebrate special occasions, or simply enjoy a night out.